e-Learning challenges: taking the pulse of the industry Email

Overview of the main trends in the virtual education industry for the next few months. Integration, development of innovative applications that will ensure distribution of know-how in current training scenarios, content migration, video learning, social learning, cloud learning, augmented reality, Tin Can API and MOOC. The key: follow the person, not the job position

by Carlos Biscay, CEO, e-ABC Learning

Integrating Meta-learning Email

There’s much talk about 21st Century skills, and rightly so: these skills are the necessary differentiators for individuals and organizations, going forward.  If they’re important, how do we incorporate them into systems, and track them?

by Clark Quinn, CEO – Quinnovation

Learning from social learning Email

The learning from an experience is only proven after the event, when the connections you made start to stick and change the way you think and behave. To facilitate the investigation we decided to eat our own metaphorical dog food and do the whole LAB online as a social learning event. by Ben Betts, CEO of HT2

LMS Setup Fees: For some vendors it’s a cash cow Email

To push the idea that their LMS is inexpensive, some vendors are offsetting these costs with higher setup fees than before. Giving an illusion that the system is priced right. Sadly, it is often wrong.

by Craig Weiss (E-Learning 24/7)

MOOCs and Higher Education’s Napster moment Email

Are MOOCs Higher Education’s Napster moment?... When a new, online and often free technology enters a marketplace and disrupts it… The author don’t think so. Let us see the expert view.

by Donald H. Taylor, Chairman - The Learning and Performance Institute

MOOCs, MIT and Magic Email

Why is MIT ignoring 25 years of research into online learning and 100 years research into how students learn in its design of online courses?

by Tony Bates

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