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12 augmented reality applications for learning and networking Email

Augmented reality is being installed with increasing interest in academic and corporate learning process. The m-learning and e-learning projects are no strangers to this trend, which also revolutionized the mobile marketing, digital advertising and networking, searching for new experiences. AR should be a tool in the education of students. The challenge will be to bring these technologies to the users in a way that add value.

by Nicholas Hellers, Managing Editor - America Learning Media

brainpickin: helping organizations create a training academy Email

With a small team of 3 developers and after 1 year of development, brainpickin has been able to attract companies and organizations to create their own training academies and offer interactive and engaging on-demand tutorials.

QuickLessons: online training not tedious or boring Email

QuickLessons is a platform for online courses from Brazil that has many resources to create fun and interactive educational content that encourages the participant to engage quickly with the information contained in an online course. By Eduardo Martínez, Education Technology Consultant – Capacimac

Wormhole solutions for online education Email

In these days where technology is part of our everyday lives, we should consider what place technological advances takes in education. More and more people replace classroom education to enter the world of virtual education.