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brainpickin: helping organizations create a training academy

With a small team of 3 developers and after 1 year of development, brainpickin has been able to attract companies and organizations to create their own training academies and offer interactive and engaging on-demand tutorials.


brainpickin is a web application that helps companies and organizations create their own online academy to offer video tutorials and training. brainpickin brings the classroom experience to the on-demand world, thanks to interactive and social tools that make the training more engaging: Users participating on pre-recorded classes have the flexibility of accessing the content from anywhere at anytime but still taking advantage of the main characteristics of a live class.


brainpickin allows the companies and organizations using the system, to customize the design, in order to match the design and brand of their current websites. The courses and tutorials offered through brainpickin can be enhanced with additional materials such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, documents and Excel files, as well as quizzes like multiple choices.


The video player is not like any other standard video player; it allows the viewers to ask questions while watching the tutorials and also access the user-generated knowledge base in order to avoid the same questions again and again. All questions and answers are synchronized with the video’s timeline, depending on the point in time in which they were posted, so future users will see them when they join the tutorial.


Users taking classes in training academies created with brainpickin, have the ability to interact with each other, ask questions, take notes and help each other in the learning process. In summary, users build a social learning community online.


brainpickin does not only focus on the user experience, but also offers the administrator of the system access to all the analytics regarding the progress of its users and courses. The administrator of the site can also decide if the courses should be offered for free or not, being PayPal and credit cards the payment options for the participants.


Besides being extremely simple and intuitive to use (the administrator does not require any programing or design skills), brainpickin is beautiful, social and engaging.


The system is currently only available in English, but the tutorials can be taught in any language.