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Wormhole solutions for online education

In these days where technology is part of our everyday lives, we should consider what place technological advances takes in education. More and more people replace classroom education to enter the world of virtual education.


Wormhole Campus is a platform for enterprises and educative institutions who are looking for solutions to train and give courses online. This platform for distance education and videoconferencing is one of the most used and awarded in Latin America. The concept driving this platform is to transform e-learning into Live Learning. Leaving behind content exchange and starting a process of live collaboration and reciprocity between teachers and students. This concept is focused in the mutually nurturing relations that develop in class, which has to be taken online, in a simple, easy and effective way, so as to not have to depend on a physical place.



Today, more than a thousand organizations are using Wormhole Platform to train their teams, some of which are distributed around the world. With Wormhole Campus each organization can create and manage their own educational programs. The administrator can create courses, assign teachers, manage content, classes, schedules and share documents. Wormhole Campus has more than 150.000 active students. They are able to download or watch content online, take online exams and discuss in the forums with their classmates.


Teachers and administrators have access to a virtual classroom and an auditorium. Online classes are an extremely useful tool, used by many professionals and academics, with very good results. Wormhole Campus allows communication between users, corporate training, studying, meetings and event broadcasting only with an internet connection, from anywhere in the world.



One of the characteristics of Wormhole Campus is that it was specially designed for online education. It is intuitive, easy to use and there is no need to download or install any program. Education and training no longer depend on location or commutes, users only need internet connection and a computer, mobile or tablet to enter to the Campus and take classes online.


With Wormhole Classroom and its tools, virtual education becomes more didactic. Teachers can show multiple whiteboards with videos, images and documents, or share the contents of their screen. Teachers can manage audio and video permissions for students to join for Q&A time or debates. If someone is not available to participate, teachers can record the class and share it later.



Live Learning is the evolution of online education, based in interaction and collaboration. “Our platform is not about sharing documents, it is about the interaction between teachers and students. That is most important thing to us. Everyone learns something from this experience. Education evolves and Wormhole gives it the chance to do it” said Sally Buberman, CEO of Wormhole.


More than 150.000 students are being trained with Wormhole Classroom. Also thousand of new users join every month to use Wormhole products for online education, turning traditional e-learning into something easy and effective, leaving behind the need for commutes and costly investments.