Two-Thirds of Companies are Using Social Learning Technology

Saba, a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management, in partnership with HCM Advisory Group, announced a new research report: “State of the Industry Study: A Pulse on Social Learning”, which examined how businesses are leveraging social learning, the areas of success, and some of the challenges faced when adopting it.

The study, which surveyed more than 500 decision makers at companies of various industries and sizes, shows that, while adoption remains a challenge for some, more than 65 percent of respondents are using social learning technology.


“As companies adapt to today’s new world of work, it’s now more important than ever that they focus on connecting people and content with social technology,” said Emily He, senior vice president, marketing at Saba. “Based on the results of this study, a majority of businesses are already leveraging social learning to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. As a leading provider of social learning technology, Saba is committed to helping organizations to develop their most important asset, their people”.


Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of respondents cite that the greatest success is achieved through increased collaboration and improved communication between management and employees.
  • Nearly two-thirds of organizations are motivated to use social learning to support a culture of learning, even though half of responding organizations mention challenges with adoption and uptake by employees.
  • Discussion and communication are the primary drivers, with 59.5 percent of organizations using discussion forums, 57.9 percent using internal blogs and 54.9 percent using secure instant messaging.
  • More than half of organizations are using social learning to support communities of practice, with 35.7 percent of organizations planning to develop communities of practice via social learning during the next two years.


“The evolution from social media to social learning is where forward-thinking companies are moving to accelerate the development of their people and better accomplish business goals,” said Sarah Kimmel, director, research and advisory services at Human Capital Media Advisory Group. “As employees and learning leaders become more comfortable with social learning and the value it can add to an organization, the challenges with adoption will ease, allowing for even more creative and productive use.”



“State of the Industry Study: A Pulse on Social Learning” further illustrates the need to provide social learning technology to enhance people development, allowing for real-time communication of knowledge across the entire organization.


Click here to read the full report (free access)


To learn more, please watch the recent webinar “State of the Industry Study: A Pulse on Social Learning” presented by Saba and HCM Advisory Group.