Elliott Masie’s Gamification & Learning LAB

Registration is open for Elliott Masie’s Gamification & Learning LAB - an intensive, vendor-neutral 2 1/2 day for a small group of global learning colleagues . The appointment is at May 4-6, 2015.


Gamification is one of the most talked about elements in the world of learning innovations. There are intriguing early implementations, emerging models for adding gamification to non-game activities (such as learning), much hype and overstatement, and a great deal of both curiosity and confusion in our field.

Elliott Masie CEO, The MASIE Center & Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM says: “I have designed an intensive, vendor-neutral 2 1/2 day deep dive into Gamification & Learning for a small group of global learning colleagues in early May”.


Here are the topics that will be address:

  • Gamification: What Is It?
  • Gamification & Learning Models
  • Gamification of Non-Games
  • Does Gamification Work?
  • When Does Gamification Not Work?
  • Learning Gamification vs. Marketing Gamification
  • Is Gamification Sustainable?
  • Costs & Expenses for Gamification
  • ADDIE & Gamification
  • LMS & Gamification
  • Gamification Marketplace
  • Producing Gamification - The Skills
  • Gamification, Introverts, Styles & Emotional Intelligence!
  • The Strategic Risks & Downsides of Gamification
  • Failure & Simulations: “Failing Our Way to Success”
  • Play as a Human Trait
  • Badging in the Workplace
  • Usability & Gamification


“Our LAB will include hands-on exploration of current and emerging Gamification & Learning models. We will interview (by live video) experts from implementing organizations, Gamification inventors and suppliers, and Academics studying the evidence of Gamification’s impact on Learning. In addition, we will conduct a real-time focus group with a range of employees to assess their readiness and reactions to Gamification leveraged for learning and performance”, Elliot Masie informs.


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