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Orange UK use Luminosity Studio to Create Quality and Engaging eLearning

Orange (UK) has been using Luminosity Studio, CM Group’s eLearning authoring tool, to enable its own staff to collaborate and internally develop high-quality, engaging eLearning for a wide range of audiences.


(CM Group) Orange is the number one UK mobile operator in terms of pay monthly revenue and has over a million broadband customers, making it one of the leading mobile operators in the country.

As an organisation they recognise that well-trained staff who are familiar with the latest company products, services, corporate policies and the ever-changing compliance and legislative environment are more than ever critical to the success of their organisation and how well they can serve the customers who rely on them.

Orange’s overall training and development strategy is based on providing the most suitable training possible for staff, including office personnel, technical staff and their sales team. But with the rapid rate of change in the organisation, keeping materials relevant and up to date is a headache. Orange wanted to focus training more tightly, making it more applicable to individuals within the company.


Karen Gusterson (photo) has been impressed by the ease and speed of creating and then updating eLearning courses and says, “Given the comparatively high cost of getting eLearning developed externally, the ROI equation means that our investment in Luminosity Studio will pay for itself in months rather than years and will enable a better focused and more agile approach to our training needs.”


Luminosity Studio outputs materials to any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) or SharePoint portal. It produces courses in the latest HTML5 open source format which means that, unlike courses produced in Flash, Luminosity Studio courses can also be delivered to mobile devices, an area of particular interest to Orange.


Karen continues, “We’re now able to use eLearning for areas where it just wasn’t practical before, for example, training our sales staff on tariffs, products and offers where the details can change right up to the last minute before launch. Now we can easily guide staff through changes in processes, products and personnel, and it’s simple to keep our materials up to date ourselves”.