Best Practices
Marketing with infographics for e-learning companies

Infographics are incredibly popular, but they’re more than just eye candy. Unbounce published an e-book that will teach how to use them as a powerful marketing tool. A resource of great interest for provider companies of virtual training solutions.


The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics” presents a method that is not always possible (time, money, design talent), but if you can make them yourself, then it’s way better.


Here are a bunch of tactics for how to do it right, that are recommended in the guide authored by Oli Gardner - Co-Founder & Creative Director at


Step One: Building Your Own Infographic


1. Create content that people actually want

2. Infographic Research

3. If you find great data, add it – otherwise just make something epic

4. Infographic Design & Data Visualization

5. Add an embed code to let others re-post it

6. Making your Infographic go Viral

7. Using Your network



Step Two: Using other people’s infographics


The guide explains: “People want backlinks – that’s why they create infographics in the first place. So this method of marketing serves two purposes; It gives you a content base to build a post from (awesome, quick and easy) and it gives some love back to the creator of the original work. #WinWin”.


8. Finding Infographics

9. Adding value

10. What’s the proper etiquette for re-using others work?


Step Three: Things You Should Do For all Infographics


The guide argues: “Regardless of whether you designed your own infographic or sourced one from elsewhere, there are certain things you should always do to ensure they get the attention they deserve”. Here are some examples:


11. Add Pin It buttons

12. Tweetables: Set up important and entertaining stats formatted as Tweets


Complete guide (free download):