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E-learning is the de facto standard for corporate training methods

New research developed by Docebo unveils the value of e-learning adoption for large organizations across the globe. The whitepaper refers the importance of selecting a new way of delivering training and development programmes for large enterprises. What to consider, what to prioritize and lessons learned.


Docebo releases the report to help large organizations understanding the value of e-learning solutions to improve workforce effectiveness and increasing skills transfers across various segments, while reducing costs.


Claudio Erba, CEO & Founder of Docebo comments “In order to create a successful Corporate Training Programme with a high and measurable return on investment, large organizations need to gain a better understanding of the technologies currently available on the market. The ability to adapt, evolve and maximise the opportunities will help global businesses to gain a competitive edge and create a stronger and univocal curriculum that will be disseminated across different audiences”.



The challenge today is not about educating companies and organisations in the benefits of a technological approach for training managing and delivering: it is more around best practices when it comes to actual implementation and provider selection.


E-Learning is nowadays the de facto standard for corporate training methods. It allows cost-conscious  managers to implement successful training programs and easy development plans. E-Learning conveys effective training initiatives with limited investment and accurate control over their quality and effectiveness.


Large organizations are eager to adapt their HR policies and embrace training strategies where all forms of  learning are geared towards serving corporate objectives.


Download the Complimentary Report: e-Learning: Corporate Training Made Easy