Best Practices
How to speed up course production?

Today companies need agility in creating and editing training material. Contracting external resources is very expensive and time consuming.

by Renata Souza, QuickLessons Evangelist


The process of validating and making changes to courses takes too long when speed is fundamental.


How can QuickLessons help?

  • Using learning objects: learning objects expedite courses production by reusing content. You can even group them to create a new course. Learning objects make editing a lot easier. When you change the original object, changes can apply to all or selected courses in which the object appears in.
  • Duplicating content: with QuickLessons it is possible to duplicate courses, objects, scenes, exercises and more. You can duplicate rather than recreate and make the changes you need in the new copy.
  • Resizing and cropping images inside the platform: QuickLessons has a built in tool that allows images to be resized and cropped to the dimensions recommended in each template. This way images don’t need to be treated beforehand.


And when it comes to editing courses, all the content is available 100% online. You can make changes from anywhere. All you have to do is export again and it is ready to be delivered to the users.


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